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Tres Lagos

Tres Lagos

Tres Lagos is a beautiful peaceful 10 acre property surrounded by hills horses and nature. We’ve been told that the drive is like a lovely getaway to an Italian countryside, and I tend to agree.

We hope you will let the luxury of Tres Lagos and our attentive team sweep you off of your feet. We love weddings and take care of each one of our couples as if you were part of our family.

Happy Planning!
— Kelly WInter

Tres Lagos Beginnings:

The Garden:                                                                                                                                                               Private 10 acre estate surrounded by horses, hills and nature.
Three charming lakes with large beautiful koi and fun little turtles. 
In the upper lake you will find a wonderfully picturesque canoe. This is great for ambiance and simply stunning in photographs. 
Dance floor, Reception, and Ceremony lighting are incorporated throughout the landscape..
Many gorgeous backdrops for your pictures. This location is a photographers dream. 
Tres Lagos is made available for your engagement shoot by appointment.
We will schedule your wedding rehearsal a day or two before your wedding. This will give your bridal party and family a chance to take in the beautiful venue as well as have a clear picture of how the ceremony will flow.  
Kelly Winter of Nomad Nuptials will be there to assist your coordinator in anyway needed.

Bridal Suite:                                                                                                                                                                 Your bridal suite is a peaceful three bedroom two bathroom apartment for you and your attendants to enjoy and prepare for the day's event. This Chalet has an amazing ivy covered stone step entrance that is perfect for your first look or bridal party pictures! Plenty of natural light, big comfy table for brunch, and picture windows that overlooks the beautiful Tres Lagos. The Chalet house is available to you from 9:00am - 10:30pm. 
Guest parking: 
Private and secure parking for you and your guests, with the aid of a golf cart when needed.

Honeymoon Suite: 
On the adjacent property, away from the hustle and bustle of your wedding, Your romantic first night away as a married couple awaits. A one bedroom private suite with a full kitchen and continental breakfast in the morning is mere steps away from your party. No need to secure a ride to the next location, your romantic getaway will be waiting for you. For an additional fee we will secure the large house that sleeps ten. Two night stay required. 

You have these two options for your ceremony:
1) A floating deck off of our gazebo that rests above a koi filled lake.  Here your aisles will be one filled with bridges, flowering steps, lush landscape, gazebo and then out onto the floating deck. At this location you will be surrounded by your loved ones as your guests all have front row seats around the lake, and your intimate family will be seated inside the gazebo. Our floating deck is a very unique and beautiful space for this romantic milestone. 
2) In the grassy lawn you will marry your love in front of a beautiful 200 year old oak tree.  Your aisle is covered with a dark wood pagoda that can be draped or covered in florals. A matching arch is situated directly behind you.  Hear, your guests will be seated on the charming weathered benches down both sides of the aisle. This location adds a lovely sense of tradition to a gorgeous garden wedding. 
Both locations are simply stunning and for a additional fee we can bring in any type of seating you desire. 

Reception:                                                                                                                                                               Situated between two charming lakes and surrounded by kissing tree branches, you will find your reception tables meandering down a charming pathway. You and your guests will be delighted with the cafe lights overhead and floating gazebo in the distance. It is the perfect stage for your first meal as Husband and Wife.  
We will provide 150 beautiful vineyard style cross back chairs for your event. We set them at the reception tables or at your ceremony site. You also will have use of 14 charming benches that seat seven and an unlimited supply of wood or resin folding modern chairs in white, black or brown fruitwood. 
For your reception tables we will provide 5 foot rounds or 8 ft rectangle tables. For an additional fee we can supply special tables and seating.

Specialty Lighting: 
We offer a professional light service for each one of our charming weddings. Included in this service will be pathway lighting to create a beautiful ambient light. They will also provide lighting over your buffet and the lounge areas. If you would like to upgrade your lighting package you will be put in touch with this company and they will provide you with the most beautiful ideas!! 

Design Details:
Known for our style and unique attention to detail the Tres Lagos team looks forward to working with your team to achieve the wedding of your dreams. Time and time again we hear from our couples that their wedding was better than they ever could have imagined. Using the natural and unique beauty of Tres Lagos along with the modern technology of our event design program, you and your tribe will find it easy to create your beautiful day with cherished memories that will last a lifetime.  At Tres lagos we offers you all the tools needed to create a spectacular event, the willing assistance of Nomad Nuptials, and an easy sentimentality that you will cherish forever.    

Decor & Design Elements: 
Tables will be provided for your gifts, cake, place cards, engagement photo’s and/or family wedding photos, thank you gift, comfort items, catering prep station, and bar. 
French vintage guest book table with a table linen, wooden guestbook sign, and decor, 
Water station table with water cups, ice, two beautiful glass containers and a table cloth, 
Vintage bike, and curved Italian church pew will set the welcoming tone as your guests arrive. 
Venue signs for your choosing. Hand painted on dark wood by pirouette paper calligraphy. 
Glass top over white pillars decorated with beautiful bottles and other elements to fit your style and theme. This is used as a directional element, and looks amazing with a few stems of flowers coming out of the bottles. Perfect for adding your colors
Wooden barn wall to hide your catering prep area, 
Dark wood pagodas strung with lights.
A round carpet to be used for your ceremony at either location.
Last but not least, a desire to help you achieve the best day ever! Kelly and her team will be responsible for setting up these elements with a designers eye and loving touch.

Venue Coordinator: 
Nomad Nuptials is published often for their work, and has the distinguished honor of the Knot's Best Of Weddings 2017 award.
They will provide a handcrafted wedding bible to keep you organized and on track. Filled with lots of tips and tidbits, this binder will make wedding planning a breeze. 
A security guard will man the entry gate to keep your personal belongings and gifts safe, as well as offer direction to your guests. 
Nomad Nuptials loves to work with other creatives. They are fully accessible by phone, text and email to talk about your wedding as often as desired, Kelly Winter can work directly with you or your event coordinator.
Happy to provide suggestions from our preferred wedding vendor list if you or your coordinator are interested. We only suggest people that we love and have worked with to ensure you have the best experience possible here at Tres Lagos. We don’t accept any kind of payment from our prefered vendors, just a shared love and respect for the work that we do.  
A reception layout will be provided with access to seating your guest tables directly through the program. This is a luxury tool that you will typically find only at large hotels.  
An online bill pay will be provided and monthly payments will be implemented for your convenience. 
We are happy to work hand in hand with all coordinators, so feel free to bring in anyone of your choosing! Of course we have suggestions if needed. 
Nomad Nuptials will be there for your wedding rehearsal. They will help your coordinator lead your run through so that there are no questions about what to do or where to go on your wedding day. 
On Your Wedding Day Nomad Nuptials Will: 
Oversee your event and make sure your vendors have everything they need to make your day perfect. 
Set out our venue signs, guest tables and chairs, ceremony seating, ancillary tables and place all table linens and decor that has been provided by us, 
Set up our lounge furniture, cocktail tables, place buffet, appetizer, and bar tables. 
Open the gate 30 minutes before your ceremony start time. 
Make available a golf cart with a driver for your guests that are in need. 
Plug in all venue lights at or before sunset. 
Be onsite to troubleshoot any problem that may arise. They will happily to lend a hand to your coordinator when asked. 
Our team will help direct your guests, be ready with a golf cart when needed, and move your gifts to a safe location after your event is underway. 
Kelly Winter is a helpful sort. She will be available to your coordinator with her helpful attitude and designers eye. Together your wedding day will flow with ease and be executed with extraordinary detail. 

Sweet Little Extras: 
A hand painted entry sign will be made with your names on either dark stained wood with white lettering, black board with white lettering, or white board with black lettering. . This is our gift to you as a keepsake from what is sure to be the best day ever. 


The Tres Lagos Experience: 

(Including these wonderful items from the Beginnings Package)
The Garden,  Guest parking,  Bridal Suite,  Groom's Room,  Honeymoon Suite,  Ceremony & Reception,   Specialty Lighting,   Design Details,   Sweet Little Extras,  Venue Coordinator and what they will do,   

(In addition we have these luxurious items to make your day seamless) 

A white porcelain plate, pretty silverware, nice water glass alongside the champagne flute, and a cloth napkin in any color will set the dinner tables. 
Appetizer will include a beautifully displayed table of goodies such as fruit, crackers, dips cheese & bread. In addition to three hot tray passed appetizers of your choosing.
The buffet will include 2 salad selections, 2 entrees and 2 side dishes. 
There will be a maitre d to assist in the releasing of the tables and to pour the champagne for the toasts. 
After dinner your caterer will provide a dessert buffet such as homemade cobbler and ice cream for you and your guests to enjoy. And a fantastic coffee bar with the luxury twist of yummy syrups and creamers. 
Drinks stations will include Iced tea, lemonade and  water,  as well as a water table service at your reception tables.  
Friendly and professional staff to serve the buffet and clear your dining tables. 
The caterer will personalize your menu with your prefered selections
Cocktail Hour:
Specialty luxury linens for these ancillary tables:  Gift table, Guest book table, Cake table, Water station table, Sweetheart Table, Cocktail tables, Place Card Table, Engagment photo’s and/or Family wedding photo table, and Thank you gift table. 
Backyard games such as Cornhole, Chess, Jenga and Scrabble.
Beautiful wooden cocktail tables and belly bars. They can have a lovely table linen or used as bare wood. 
Small Lounge to include white loveseat and matching chair, coffee table, end table. One or two additional chairs can be added to incorporate your style and colors. 
Three table height cocktail tables with three chairs each. (can be drapped or bare wood) 
Three beautiful wood belly up tables (can be draped if desired) 
4 grey tufted ottoman can be used if desired. 

Decor & Design Elements:
Specialty luxury linens for these ancillary tables:  
Gift table, Guest book table, Cake table, Water station table, Sweetheart table, Cocktail tables, Place card table, Engagment photo’s and/or Family wedding photo table, and Thank you gift table. 
Drapings at the gazebo, dance floor, and lounge area if so desired. 
Five 4X4 square farmhouse tables. This looks amazing as a head table for you and your bridal party, or mixed in with the round guest tables. 
Half round table and special chairs for our lovely sweethearts to eat at. 
Plenty of signage to suit your style and theme. 

Nomad Nuptials Collection
Gorgeous overlays for your dining or ancillary tables. 
Pretty silk robes will be found up in the bridal suite for you and your girls while getting ready
Vintage doors, 
Small lounge to include a matching off white loveseat, and chair as well as an additional chair or two to suit your style and theme. Coffee table and one end table, 
A set of white lanterns in varying sizes. 
Beautiful cake cutting set in gold and white. 
A few sets of vintage luggage. Books, Decorative pillows, 
Your choice of pretty card holder and sign for your gift table
Special table and chairs for the sweetheart table. 
Any table numbers that we have in our collection, 
Parasols, blankets and clear bubble umbrellas for your guests to borrow. It adds a very charming look to an outdoor luxury garden wedding.
Fun props, table and linen in case you want to have a selfie station, or just the table and linen if you are bringing in a photobooth company.  
Small little decor that fits your style and theme to personalize your event. 

Luxurious Table linens:
Floor length tablecloths in nearly every every color will be available to you. If you have something specific in mind we have access to the most lovely linens. *(specialty linens may have an additional fee if they are top shelf luxury)
For your ancillary tables you will be treated to any of the luxury linens in the Nomad Collection. You will be delighted at the choices at your fingertips with rosettes, sequins, lamour,  velvet, ruffled burlap, floral and more. 



Tres Lagos Complete:

(Including everything listed in the above to packages, as well as these amazing additions)

Bar Service:
Professional licenced and insured bartender to serve you and your guests, 
Create your menu and design your bar.  
Draw up a shopping list to make your shopping a breeze.
Ice provided and contained
Day of Event Coordinator: 
Four weeks before your wedding our coordinator begins planning right beside you. A meeting will be scheduled at Tres Lagos so that you can share your vision and get them up to speed. 

They will offer guidance with sensitive issues, and answer any lingering questions you may have. They will sort through all the final details, giving you time to enjoy the remaining celebrations leading up to your big event.  

After receiving your wedding vendor contacts, your coordinator will reach out to your creative team and learn about their requirements. They will share with them the vision of your day, and foster a unified goal for your event. Your wedding will have no surprises that can’t be seamlessly handle with the Tres Lagos team. 

Using all of the information gathered from you and your creative team, A detailed timeline will be crafted and shared with you and all of your vendors. A few weeks before your wedding they will contact your team once again to let them know when they should arrive and clarify any other expectations that we have for them. 

A day or two before your wedding we will meet at your venue and stage a run through. 

On your wedding day  your coordinator will arrive early to begin setting up your decor for the ceremony and reception sites. They will be sure to check in on you and your bridal party as you prepare for the day's events.

Your wedding team will be greeted as they arrive and given explicit direction for set up. We will be sure to manage all questions so that you can peacefully spend your time in preparation, along with your bridal party and loved ones.  

They will work closely with your photographer and dj to keep the day moving according to your timeline. Candles will be lit and all questions will be handled by this very capable team. Any situation that arises will be handled with ease. 

At the end of the evening we will help load your gifts, cards, personal items and decor into the vehicle of your choosing. 

A plan will be crafted for the return of rented items. This will be in accordance with the contracts of your creative team as well as the restrictions of your venue. 

Our coordinators offer you all the tools needed to create a spectacular event with an easy sentimentality that you will cherish forever. 

Our DJ will begin your music 30 minutes before your event starts. 
He will set the tone as your guests arrive and works with you and your love to find the best music for each moment throughout your wedding. 

After talking with you about what style photography that you prefer, Our venue coordinator, Kelly Winter will step in to find you the perfect fit. 
A complimentary engagement session will be included by each one of our prefered  photographers. This gives you the chance to learn how to work together in front of the camera for a more natural look on your wedding day. 
You will receive at least 6 hours of wedding day shooting time with 2 photographers and  a downloadable gallery of fully edited photos. 
We select only the most talent and pleasant individuals so that you will have a great experience on your wedding day. 

We will find a florist for you that will create exactly the right look and feel with their beautiful blooms and creative eye.  A meeting between the two of you will be arranged so that we will have the right colors, flowers and foliage. 
They will take care of all your floral details: 
your personal flowers, centerpieces for the reception tables, cocktail hour and ancillary tables. They will decorate your ceremony site to suite your desires and make everything look and smell so wonderful. 
Nomad Nuptials will help by creating a list of possible floral areas so that you and your florist will be able to design with ease and a sense of priority. 
*Upgrades can be made directly through the florist

You won’t need much of a cake, Just enough to offer us the
opportunity to do our traditional cake cutting ceremony. 
Usually two small tiers with the perfect color, style and look. 
Not to mention a delicious special treat for you and your
bridal party! 
Ya, it’s worth it! I get asked all the time if it’s worth it to have a videographer capture your day when it’s really just a 5-10 minute clip. It sooooo is! 
This is what you share via social media and watch often. It’s set to your favorite song and it brings back the emotion of the day. Your future family will love every second of it. 
They do offer the raw unedited footage of the entire day, and that is a fun one time watch, then again every decade or so. 


(No additional fee added to our packages)
*Gratuity and surcharge included in price

Required with every package at Tres Lagos:
*Day of Event Coordinator
*Day of Event Insurance
*A Licenced Insured Bartender If Alcohol is Present


At Tres Lagos we never have more than two weddings a month so we can focus on making your wedding perfectly you!
— Kelly


* Pricing will be given upon inquiry 



Tres Lagos Wedding 

Tres Lagos Wedding